'Mountain Chain (French Alps)'

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Object, 2009, glazed porcelain, each approximately 8cm diameter.

A topographical bead, depicting the landscape of the French Alps. These pieces were cast from real maps, cut and formed into a ball.

"During a residence at the European Ceramic Work Centre in Den Bosch in The Netherlands, I worked with porcelain for the first time and developed a series of cast shapes based on crockery and spoons, and on the space between the table and the objects. The works were influenced by the casting process and by the plaster moulds made for each piece, as a form that describes the space around the object. I worked with the typology of domestic objects like spoons and cups, trying to materialise the way we handle them and the physical space they occupy." MvK

 Manon van Kouswijk is a Dutch artist who lives and works in Melbourne.