'The Beauty of Life' limited edition brooch

'The Beauty of Life' limited edition brooch

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Silver, collected vintage turquoise beads, agate, rhodochrosite.

Each brooch measures 2 x 1 x 1cm.

Is it a bee? Is it a fly? I'm not sure, but it's super sweet. This edition of 20 little insect brooches is made exclusively for Funaki. Each one comes in a matchbox covered with vintage wallpaper, numbered by the artist.

"I made this edition of 20 insects for Funaki in the time of Corona. I wanted to offer something joyful, humble and funny to a world sorely in need of care and lightness.” ⁠HB

The numbered edition will be sold in the order that sales are made. We regret we can't supply a particular box or number of the edition.