'Decorative Plate #2'

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Decorative Plate, 2023
Slate, graphite
Hand carved
15.5 x 15.5 x 1.8cm

Please note this plate is not intended for functional use, it is a art object.

"The plates were the first to be made, carved in slate taken from an old billiard table, using little more than a grinder. They are a response to his father's diagnosis with dementia, solid and tactile pieces which can be firmly grasped, and each one is a composite made from memory. They echo pieces from the family’s decorative collection of fine dining ware, and are all finished with a dense layer of graphite. The more they are handled, the more this surface will rub off, smudging onto fingertips. Not plates for eating from, these are placeholders, fluid and fading recollections, lustred shapes of tableware deeply inscribed with personal meaning."

Debbie Adamson