'Compass' rings (black)

'Compass' rings (black)

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Rings, 2023
Gabbro, blackened silver
Various sizes + available to order

In 2019 jewellers Debbie Adamson and Craig McIntosh set up a shared workshop in Central Dunedin (Aotearoa New Zealand), where they began manufacturing a collective output under the moniker A+M. Described by the pair as ‘benchworks’, these pieces of jewellery are designed and fabricated by both makers in a non-hierarchical fashion, with the intention of being well considered, wearable, and reproducible.

Like any collaboration, the process of resolution involves navigation between distinctive points of view, and so it would seem fitting that the compass has become a shared emblem for the starting point – a tool to orientate as the pair begin this body of work.

A+M is an evolving project, with new pieces released as and when they are developed, and originated from conversations about the history of studio craft in New Zealand, in which small scale production plays a key role.