'Sweet Reminder' table ornaments

'Sweet Reminder' table ornaments

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Powder coated brass, vintage glass milk bottles
Dimensions variable

These are purchased by the stem, with prices varying depending on the number of flowers on each stem. The glass bottles are sold separately, or come free when you purchase 3 or more stems. Each arrangement comes with a free catalogue.

Please note images are indicative only as each stem is individually made and unique.

"Jess lovingly replicates the bright yellow soursob weeds so common in South Australia’s early spring landscape. Loved by children for their bright colour and long tender stems that make them so easy to pick, they feature in generations of dreamy childhood games and bunches of flowers picked by children for their Mum. Jess presents them to us leaning and drooping untidily in jam jars and milk bottles as though they have been transported from someone’s cubby house or a kitchen windowsill. Her elevation of a humble weed puts process at the service of memory. Through her painstaking shaping, soldering, colouring and re-colouring, she must anatomise them, recalling their vegetal forms to her conscious mind. In so doing, she enters a state of mindful reverie, which is perhaps the closest we can come as adults to the immediacy and present-ness of childhood games and pastimes."

Anne Brennan