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Doris Betz: Jewellery and Drawing 2009-2016

Doris Betz: Jewellery and Drawing 2009-2016

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A comprehensive catalogue of Doris Betz's work over a 10 year period, with texts by Monika Fahn, Ira Mazzoni, Pravu Mazumdar and Olga Zobel. Languages: English and German.

Extract by Pravu Mazumdar: "The twofold art of Doris Betz tends to engender in the viewer a twofold gaze, which no longer projects the unity of an artistic consciousness functioning to connect the exhibited works, but tracks down the dyamics of their differences. This implies a shift in perspective. The drawings are no longer perceived as a sketchy precursor of the rings, brooches, necklaces to follow. The co-existence of drawing and jewellery is no longer deciphered as an invitation to the workshop of an artist. Instead, one senses the necessity of connecting the twofold work to two distinct and independent artistic processes, rather than subordinating one to the other, the drawings to the jewellery work."

Softcover, 88 pages, full colour, 28 x 21 x 1cm. Published by Arnoldsche, 2017.