'Centimetre of love' pendants

'Centimetre of love' pendants

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22k gold on Otto Künzli's standard grey nylon cord.

A design classic from one of the world's most iconic makers. The 'cm of love' pendant is a masterpiece of wry understatement, asking us to measure - literally and figuratively - how much we love, or how much love we can afford to give. Each additional length is priced exactly according to a base cost per cm.

"These pieces are talking about the fickleness and insatiability of love, the impossibility but common practice of measuring love, the importance of small things, the sharpness of love..."

OK, from his 2003 exhibition 'A Red Heart Can't Be Wrong'.

Otto Künzli is one of the most renowned and respected jewellers working today. The Swiss-trained, Munich-based artist has created truly iconic examples of contemporary jewellery including 1995’s 1cm of Love and 1980’s Gold Macht Blind (Gold Makes You Blind). Künzli’s minimalist, yet meticulously crafted work references cultural phenomena, utilising the power of metaphor and iconography with wit and sophistication.