Triple Matter

Inari Kiuru, Lore Langendries and Hyun-seok Sim: three artists from three different continents focus closely on three distinct materials, drawing out the transformative and surprising qualities of each.

Inari Kiuru is a Melbourne-based Finnish artist examining the connection between post-industrial landscapes and the natural world. Using the ubiquitous materials of mass construction, she interprets light, texture and atmospheres, drawing out the magical details of our surroundings. Inari’s new body of work focuses on the potential and surprising beauty of concrete.

Lore Langendries is a Belgian maker whose work with animal hide straddles digital production and the intimacy of the handmade. In her brooches, Lore explores the space between visual perception and what we learn by touch. The hides become both material and subject, evoking new associations yet remaining entirely and uncompromisingly themselves.

Hyun-seok Sim is a Korean artist who manipulates silver with refinement and lightness of touch, so that they almost appear to be drawings on paper. He completed his MFA at Nova Scotia College of Art and Design in Canada in 2000 and teaches at Kookmin University in Seoul. Sim has exhibited extensively worldwide; this is his first exhibition at Funaki.