Third Story

Peter Bauhuis / David Bielander / Julie Blyfield / Helen Britton / Aphra Cheesman / David Clarke / Simon Cottrell / Jess Dare / Veronika Fabian / Emma Fielden / Katrin Feulner / Karl Fritsch / Elly Glossop / Marcos Guzman / Esther Heite / Therese Hilbert / Claudia Hoppe / Marian Hosking / Jiro Kamata / Inari Kiuru / Otto Künzli / Lore Langendries / Jeong Won Lee / Sue Lorraine / Carlier Makigawa / Craig McIntosh / Fabrice Schaefer / Henriette Schuster / Hyun Seok Sim / Blanche Tilden / Catherine Truman / Manon van Kouswijk / Jonathan Wahl / Lisa Walker / Asami Watanabe


The course of any long enterprise is shaped by a series of stories.

Funaki's first story is, of course, Mari. From 1995 to 2010, her singular vision wove contemporary jewellery into the fabric of Melbourne and in turn, asserted Melbourne's place in the international field. Her name remains ours, as does her spirit of discernment.

The second story began with my assumption of the role of director, and ended when the pandemic necessitated the closure of our beloved Crossley St gallery.

Though a sad end to an era, it was also an opportunity to re-imagine how the gallery might sustain itself into the future by distilling the best of what Funaki was: the intimacy, the anticipation, the unexpected delight of contemporary jewellery.

So now, after two and a half years of planning and building, Funaki is back. It's a new experience and a unique destination, in a custom designed space on the third story of a small residential building, at the east end of Flinders Lane.

We open with a group exhibition featuring 35 artists from Australia, Asia, Europe and America: some have been with us from the beginning, some are joining us for the first time.

Welcome to Funaki's ‘Third Story’.

Katie Scott