Some Uncertain Facts

"Having worked as an artist amongst scientists for many years I have uncovered something of the relationship between us - between our motivation, our focus, our inquiries and translations. I have come to realise the processes of science and art are not so dissimilar. We both agree that unknowing moves us forward and that there is an inherent level of risk and uncertainty in both. We both create images of the things we see and the more we see, the more we understand we don’t know. The images are a translation - a nuanced approximation.

The works in this exhibition are a collection of forms made in relation to one another, the previous one giving the next a reason for existing. They form an installation of a kind, perhaps a never-ending conundrum of propositions. Natural and manufactured, in part and whole, they are both uncertain and assured at once."

Catherine Truman, 2012

Truman is an established contemporary jeweller and object-maker working across the disciplines of art and science. She is co-founder and current partner of Gray Street Workshop- an internationally renowned artist-run workshop established in 1985 in Adelaide, South Australia.