Second Nature

second nature, n.
An acquired behavior or trait that is so long practiced as to seem innate.

“Working from one day to the next I focus my attention on observations from nature and working with an ephemeral resource. Using the skills, materials and techniques that are second nature to my practice, I wanted to see where my work would lead as the year progressed. Inspired from things that I observe in the garden or sight on my daily walks, visits to new and different places, observing the change of seasons, altering colours and senses, a visit to Japan and experiencing different mindsets. As the year progresses forms emerge, beginning with loose marks and sketches until paper maquettes evolve and the urgency to translate and make begins, decisions are made, altered and resolved. Materials are selected and ordered. The process repeats over and over, echoing nature’s cycles and repetition. A new beginning is waiting for me and my work.”

Julie Blyfield, 2013