New Jewellery from China

Cao Bifei
Dai Xiang
Guo Xin
Huang Xiaowang
Liu Xiao
Sun Jie
Teng Fei
Wang Kezhen
Liang Li
Wu Mian

This exhibition presents contemporary jewellery by 10 Chinese artists and explores the recent internationalisation of contemporary Chinese jewellery design and its development.

Since the 1960s and 70s many Western contemporary jewellers have chosen deliberately to use non-precious materials rather than conventional precious metals and stones in order to have freedom from the burden of intrinsic values conventionally associated with mainstream jewellery. This is becoming at least partly as true of the field in China as it is elsewhere, although intrinsic values still influence the field to a greater extent.

As an artform, contemporary jewellery in China seems to be poised to make a breakthrough and become as collectible as ceramics, glass, and textiles, much as happened in the West and elsewhere. As more young people study the subject and find individual ways of practising professionally, the sheer volume will make its presence felt. This exhibition is a small sample of this increasingly populous field, and a snapshot of a vibrant movement.

Co-curated by Prof. Norman Cherry with curatorial assistance from Wang Kezhen.