Thanh-Truc Nguyen: INTERFERENZ

Funaki presents INTERFERENZ, the first Australian solo show by Thanh-Truc Nguyen. Using her distinctive manipulation of fine steel mesh, Thanh Truc has created a new body of work exploring volume, layering and visual perception.

Thanh-Truc is a Berlin-based artist who graduated from the HAWK Hildesheim Institution in Germany in 2009 and was a finalist in the ‘BKV-Preis’ in both 2009 and 2011.

As a core part of her practice, Thanh-Truc investigates the potential of a surface to play with ideas of material composition and form.

“I use fine meshed steel fabric that is particularly lightweight and translucent, yet at the same time surprisingly solid. Through the interference of the fine grid structures an interesting effect arises, called Moiré Effect. A fascinating flickering and sparkling that create an impression of a gleaming and precious stone, as if it wouldn’t be merely steel. I use these properties to create voluminous and lightweight jewellery objects, with a seemingly delicate but solid surface.” Thanh-Truc Nguyen