Identity Markers

Swiss born, Munich based Bielander takes the familiarity of everyday objects and combines them with a witty abstraction to create truly uncanny artworks. His realm of inquiry encompasses the play of identity, belonging, dissonance, external perceptions and the opinions they create. Now more than ever, he is specifically preoccupied, aware and excited about the potential of these humble objects in connection with us.

David Bielander doesn’t work in themes or phases. All his works are one oeuvre, one continuously growing single body of work; intertwined, connected and slowly shifting. Earlier works evolve into new ones: what does it mean to mimic an animal or a flower now, in this dystopian reality? How, today, do we understand the black moth from a discarded plastic lighter? At whom are we sticking out our tongue, with the classic rubber lip from 1999? What significance a kilo of prawns? A smoke ring?

Bielander is the recipient of several major awards and his work is held in numerous collections including the National Gallery of Victoria, National Gallery of Australia, the Art Galleries of Western Australia and South Australia, the Musuem of Applied Arts and Sciences, Sydney, CODA Museum, Apeldoorn and the Museum of Art and Design New York. He is regularly represented with solo exhibitions at Design Miami Basel.