Funaki / The National: STOCKROOM

Gallery Funaki (Melbourne) and The National (Christchurch) present STOCKROOM, a collaborative project held across both galleries through April and May.

Each gallery presents a selection of favourite works from their stockroom in the other's space, so audiences in both cities can experience the particular curatorial vision of another, less familiar, contemporary jewellery gallery.

With a focus on New Zealand and Australian makers, the works highlight the diverse approaches to material, concept and aesthetics of our fellow artists "across the ditch".

The National @ Funaki: 10 April - 5 May

Artists include Craig McIntosh, Areta Wilkinson, Octavia Cook, Frances Stachl, Tatjana Panyoczki, Anna Wallis, Jane Dodd, Warwick Freeman, Chloe Rose Taylor, Amelia Pascoe, Joanna Campbell, Moniek Schrijer, Shelly Norton, Debbie Adamson, Vanessa Arthur and Ross Malcolm.

Funaki @ The National: 8 May - 2 June

The National, 249 Moorhouse Ave, Christchurch Central, Christchurch 8011, New Zealand

Artists include Julie Blyfield, Inari Kiuru, Marcos Guzman, Kiko Gianocca, Catherine Truman, Marian Hosking, Blanche Tilden, Sally Marsland, Lucy Sarneel, Jiro Kamata, Maureen Faye-Chauhan, Marc Monzó, Doris Betz, Paul Derrez, Daniel Kruger, Gijs Bakker and Carlier Makigawa.