Extended Definition

"After my solo exhibition “dark to light to dark” in 2015 at Gallery Funaki, my interest and curiosity grew to find a new possibility with light and reflection in my work.

In the exhibition “extended definition” I developed and extended my interpretation with reflected materials as jewellery.

Flare 2016/17 is the series I created with high polished 18k gold and reconstructed stone. It is inspired from the Inca mythologies of sun and gold, and my experience of Atacama´s amazing sunrise. For this exhibition I also made a new Flare brooch; SKY, with reconstructed turquoise.

BI, 2017-2019 is a new development of past BI series. Under the dichroic mirror is placed a concave silver as a mirrored surface. The reflection comes not only from the dichroic mirror but also from under the mirror. This new BI work is now integrated BI color and BI reflection.

Ghost, 2017 is made from two-way mirrors, made from tempered float glass, with quartz-coated aluminum. It is placed directly on the wall mirror, which has a typical size for the bathroom that you see your face every morning. If you stand front of the mirror it looks normal but in the next moment you realise there is something wrong… You see your face but it has a small distortion. You can’t really see what it is but if you touch it and take it off, then you will find an object and it is a piece of jewellery.

Shell 2018 is a pendant made with mirror-coated mother of pearl. I was always interested the 3D effect of the material and tried to renew the materiality through the mirror coating. Multiple triangle shapes are connected with gold jump rings, so the pendant form and the reflections in it change with movement.

Mother 2018 is the next generation with mother of pearl, made as a brooch. Here I focused on the definition of the name of the material. It is inspired from the YouTube video “One Word: Mother”. I picked up impressions about the idea of „mother“ from women aged 5 to 50. Every brooch has a base made with silver painted Plexiglas. On the Plexiglas was engraved all different single words about this idea of “mother”. The word is from Rock to Frustrating or Beauty to unconditional love.

The word was engraved as a mirror text and reflects directly onto the black mirrored back of the brooch."

Jiro Kamata, 2019