Svenja John: Assembly

In the 20 years since I began working with the polycarbonate MakrofolTM I have developed, bit by bit, my own ‘Jewellery Construction Kit’. In the beginning there were only bone-shaped parts (which I called x-bones), linked together with rings of various sizes to form chains, earrings and bracelets. Eventually more than 10 different basic elements developed from which all the complex jewellery assemblies are plugged together. All of these two-dimensional parts are designed on a CAD program and then cut by waterjet from a flat MakrolonTM sheet. All kinds of shapes: beans, bones, butterflies, buoys, racquets, rockets and so on, arise then in a playful design process, and make their way into the Johnish Jewellery Construction Kit, leading to ever more possibilities.

Svenja John, August 2014