Manon van Kouswijk + Lucy Sarneel: 2 minds, 4 hands

Two renowned Dutch jewellers present an exhibition of their recent work. Manon van Kouswijk, who currently lives and works in Melbourne, explores fragmentary forms in porcelain and furthers her ‘series’ based practice with necklaces focused on colour and minimalism. Lucy Sarneel draws on ethnic jewellery forms as well as her own highly developed vision to create deeply symbolic, powerful jewellery using mixed media.

‘Archetype / Abundance, Beads / Beads, Circular / Collage, Definition / Drawing, Emptiness / Elements, Fragile / Folklore, Generic / Grey, Handmade / Handmade, Iconic / Idiosyncratic, Jewel/ Jewel, Knot / Knot, Linear / Loose, Methodical / Magical, Necklace / Necklace, Obsessive / Obsessive, Porcelain / Pattern, Quiet / Queenly, Repetitive / Ritual, Serial / Spacial, Template / Twirl, Unified / Undefined, Variable / Variation, White / Weaving, X-ray / Xerophyte, Yoga / Yarn, Zoom / Zinc’