Marcos Guzman

Marcos Guzman is a contemporary jeweller based in Melbourne. His use of vivid colour and graphic line work evoke a sense of nostalgia and reverie. Despite its immediate joy, there is an introspection that hints at personal contemplation. It is a means for remembering, vacationing, exploring, escaping; an opportunity for the realisation of something fundamental and seemingly un-complex.

This act suggests a re-acquaintance to the forgotten and the distantly familiar. Blurring the ordinary with the imaginative, titles and statements inspire a basic narrative language. He is often thinking about stories, dialogues and conversations to pinpoint a moment that expresses a visual cue, which serves as a catalyst to create an embodied jewellery manifestation. Common industrial Perspex is treated with consideration to transform it into works that reveal a unique preciousness, exploring the hued qualities contained within the material and highlighted with an experimental and exacted application of paint. Avoiding the use of industrial processes, Marcos finds pleasure in transmitting the warmth of the hand and the slow process of thought into his jewellery work.