Lisa Walker

Lisa Walker is one of the most widely recognised artists working in contemporary jewellery, developing a unique and unmistakable contemporary jewellery practice through her interrogation of the notion of archetypal beauty. Her 2004 diploma exhibition on graduating from Munich's Academy of Fine Art heralded a startling new voice, one that come to have indelible impact not just within jewellery but the wider art world.

Kate Rhodes and Nella Themelios, curators of RMIT Design Hub, write "Lisa's vast body of work can be thought of as a career-length conversation with the question "What is jewellery?" So much of what we want to say about the medium and the discipline of jewellery can be found in Lisa's work: it is simultaneously wearable and unwearable, precious and non-precious, skilfully and not skilfully made; it is in dialogue with jewellery's past as well as current social and political issues and, sometimes, it strives to be meaningless."

Lisa's works are often challenging. They are at the very least audacious [and] at times head-scratchingly 'on no, she's gone too far this time'.

Tim Walker