Kiko Gianocca

Through a process of transformation, which incorporates an explicit invitation for wearers to invest his pieces with their own meaning, Gianocca continues to produce profound works of jewellery that are able to carry elements of both our external and internal identities within a single piece.

Peter Jones

Swiss artist Kiko Gianocca explores materiality and form using a wide range of media such as porcelain, resin, felt, wood and precious metals. His work possesses a fineness of thought and application that sets it quite apart - regardless of the material or form, and Kiko's ouevre is wide ranging in this regard - there is a quiet intensity and subtlety in every piece. Kiko seems to believe that objects have, if not souls, at least the ability to communicate with and for us in ways that go beyond their objectness, if only we engage with them. In this regard, Benjamin Lignel has described Kiko's works as 'objects in waiting', articulate, charged, and full of a potential only realised once they are owned and worn.