Inari Kiuru

Inari is a multidisciplinary artist and designer known for her experimental use of non-precious, industrial materials such as concrete and steel. She investigates connections between nature and the urban environment, drawing parallels between our external surroundings and internal, emotional landscapes.

Born and raised in Finland, she now lives in Melbourne, translating her native relationship with changing seasons into objects and images inspired by light, clouds and atmospheres in urban environments.

Kiuru's recent work focuses on observing light within the urban and industrial landscape. She uses materials integral to these environments - concrete, glass and steel - to portray changing atmospheres, moving between the tangible and the metaphysical in her interpretation. Strongly influenced by her Scandinavian background and relationship to the poetry of seasonal changes, Kiuru's work encompasses wearable jewellery, objects, images and mixed media installation including flora. She has also completed a large, permanent and functional garden installation, focusing on researching air-purifying plants in domestic and work environments.