Benedikt Fischer

For Benedikt Fischer, the act of adorning, or the state of being adorned, is a fundamental element of human existence.

Benedikt Fischer's jewellery is difficult to pin down, as occasional projects focus on wildly divergent themes, materials and techniques, but each becomes something of a cult sensation within the world of contemporary jewellery.
Whether it be Fischer's first international recognition for his stunning, intricately hand engraved plastic brooches and pendants, which recast random repurposed plastic into strange-yet-familiar talismans patterned with surfaces akin to lichen or fossilised animal tracks, or his later Pearly Whites series - found shells with pearly teeth and pink gums, snarling, grinning or surprised - which immediately took the world by storm, Benedikt has become known for his partcularly smart, witty and surprising work.