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'Bi' pendant (large)

'Bi' pendant (large)

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Dichroic mirror, blackened silver, adjustable nylon cord. The colour of this pendant shifts as you move, it is simultaneously mirrored and transparent.

6.7 x 1.5cm, length adjustable.

Jiro Kamata makes technically exacting jewellery that revels in colour and a sense of play.  He works with a restricted palette of materials, employing each with a keen sense of precision and the focused eye of a master silversmith. 

The BI pendant is made to a very strict form. It’s just a round shape with a forged silver frame and coloured string.  I wanted to reduce the form as much as possible to get the materiality to come forward strongly. The title BI comes from the English prefix meaning ‘two’, like bi-cycle, bi-lingual or bi-sexual. But for me, the word ‘bi’ has a very open meaning – after this word always comes another word. It’s not only about the two colours but also about the openness of perception. JK