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'Faces' necklace

'Faces' necklace

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A masterful, whimsical piece of jewellery making, the Faces necklace features freshwater pearls, each individually hand-engraved with a unique expression. From melancholy to gleeful, this piece has your mood covered. Strung on a yellow silk cord.

Overall length 72cm, hangs to approx. 30cm when worn.

Akiko Kurihara’s work is typified by quiet wit and fine craftsmanship, each piece tells a story with a language that is spare and eloquent.

“Casual discoveries in daily life, and small findings in physical phenomena which we unconsciously use. I create jewelry pieces out of such discoveries using humor and wit in minimalistic ways. I like to challenge myself to expand the possibilities of the jewelry, even if they are small objects.
And I expect that humor and wit in my work would connect me to the person wearing my piece, as well as to people seeing the piece.”