Jiro Kamata: Voices

Jiro Kamata: Voices

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Voices was published to mark the major retrospective exhibition of Jiro Kamata's work held at ALIEN Art, Taiwan in 2019. From the introduction:

"Jiro Kamata [is] an artist who has engaged the many aspects of 'optic experience', a subject that has inspired him over the past 20 years. By deploying an array of expressive techniques, dominated by both reflection and communication, Jiro Kamata has carved out a unique position while participating in numerous international shows."

Edited by Yaman Shao, ALIEN Art CEO with essays by Yaman Shao, Otto Künzli, Makiko Akiyama, Kellie Riggs, Levi Higgs, Sool Park. Languages: Taiwanese, English.

Hardcover, 272 pages, colour and black & white, 28.5 x 24 x 2cm. Published by Arnoldsche, 2019.